APL Keyboard Sticker Set

APL Keyboard Stickers for Laptop or Desktop

APL uses a special symbol set, which presents a barrier to entry for new users. Furthermore, there don't seem to be many options to get a keyboard with APL symbols, other than expensive specialty ones (here or here), and they're for PC desktops only; so what's a laptop user to do?

I figured I'd take matters into my own hands, and produce a run of APL keyboard stickers. These match the standard APL keyboard map used by historical APL implementations as well as GNU APL and Dyalog APL. I got the shipment at end of August, 2021, and they look pretty good on my laptop. Now available on my Tindie store. Check it out!

Black vinyl keycap stickers, suitable for any standard laptop or PC desktop keyboard.

To use these you'll need to set a custom keymap. For Linux, See my post here. For Windows, see here, here and finally here.

With some trivial setup, modern systems have no issue at all supporting APL symbols. I wonder if its successor, J, would have even come to be if the APL character set wasn't seen as an impediment prior to the 2000s. As a newcomer to APL and J, comparing the two, J just seems so much harder to parse as it uses ASCII exclusively; it looks a lot more like line noise to me whereas APL encourages seeing a unique notation.

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